Raising awareness of the benefits of certification and assurance services


Accredited certification benefits

Accredited certification benefits

Accredited certification indisputably demonstrates compliance to a management system standard. Leading international certification bodies – such as our members – provide rigorous auditing services to organizations seeking such rubber-stamping of their compliance.

To give customers and stakeholders greater assurance, the competence and impartiality of IIOC members has been assessed and confirmed by independent accreditation bodies. They are assessed against strict criteria that conform to internationally recognised standards. Once verified, the certification body becomes accredited.

This system of independent accreditation – itself based on standards produced separately by ISO and managed by the IAF – enables government, businesses, consumers and others to have confidence in certifications provided by an accredited certification body.

IAF have further explanation of why using an accredited certification body delivers benefits in one of their key publications Why use an accredited certification body.

To illustrate the benefits of accredited certification, the following pages look at:

External research into the benefits of certification

Over 70 papers produced by universities around the world and published in a wide range of leading journals are introduced to illustrate the many benefits of certification, from financial betterment, raising overall company performance and quality improvement to environmental delivery. Read more →

Business benefits of accredited certification

With IIOC members certifying a huge range of companies around the world, case studies provide illustrations of the benefits they can gain from accredited certification. Read more →

Accredited certification assisting the public sector

As a tool, accredited certification to management systems standards can give regulators, government departments, local authorities and a range of other public bodies, the opportunity to deliver their public policy commitments. Read more →

Expected outcomes of accredited certification

Leading organisations ISO and IAF set out what organisations can expect to gain from accredited certification. Read more →

The economic value of standards

A generic examination of the value of standards, with studies from a number of leading economies on the macro-economic value delivered by standards. Read more →