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Two ISO publications share the latest news on ISO.

The latest issue of ISO Focus celebrates 70 years of ISO. This includes looking at 30 years of management system standards, led by the quality management system standard ISO 9001 which has now been complemented by a range of other ISO management system standards addressing key issues for business, government and society. In looking at ISO’s history, this ISO Focus examines the benefits standards have delivered. Most importantly, it then turns to the future role of standards. 

In addition, get the latest news from the conformity assessment committee at ISO CASCO, a vital cog in the delivery of robust certification. Information includes details of the annual CASCO Plenary meeting and the activity of CASCO’s Working Groups.

IIOC play a very active role in ISO’s activities. IIOC has liaison to over a dozen of the ISO Committees which develop the standards IIOC members certify against. As a liaison member of of CASCO, IIOC plays an equally active role in the development of the CASCO standards which help determine how accredited certification is delivered robustly for customers. All IIOC’s current activities within ISO can be seen here.


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