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Bureau Veritas posts 1st Half 2017 results

IIOC member Bureau Veritas posts 1st Half 2017 results. Revenue was up 6.2% on 2016 1st Half, coming from 1.3% organic, ; 3.3% external growth and 1.6% currency +1.6%.

Within these Group results, Certification at 6.1% up (all organic), ‘remains robust’, with Bureau Veritas going on to note about Certification…

‘Revenue increased by 6.1% organically, with a strong performance across all major service categories and regions. As expected, growth slowed down in Q2 vs. Q1 due to the reversal of the positive calendar effect.

The QHSE segment was a major contributor to growth, driven in particular by the positive impact of the transition to the new versions of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Double-digit growth in customized solutions was fueled by Service Certification, as well as Supplier and Distribution Network Audits given that issues on Supplier Risk Management and Brand Protection are becoming critical in many sectors.

Revised standards also benefited training activities. Supply Chain & Sustainability-related services showed good growth, held up in particular by Energy Management, Greenhouse Gases, Food Certification and CSR (corporate social responsibility) schemes. Large Certification contracts grew by double digits thanks to new contracts signed with international companies in various sectors.

In 2017, the Certification business is expected to maintain robust growth, benefiting from revised standards (ISO 9K, 14K, AS 9100 in the Aerospace and IATF in the Automotive sectors), along with new product and service launches (including a new Certification E-commerce platform in nine key countries).’

Full details can be seen here.

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