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IIOC part of IAF/ILAC/JAS-ANZ Workshops

The IAF and ILAC Communications teams have worked with Australian/New Zealand Accreditation Body JAS-ANZ to deliver a trio of Workshops in New Zealand and Australia.

The first two workshops were for New Zealand and Australian government officials and regulators, held in Wellington and Canberra respectively. The aim of the workshops was to:

  • explain the global system of accreditation agreements (MLAs and MRAs)
  • showcase where public policy objectives were being met by conformity assessment
  • impart the quantitative benefits of showing successful delivery.

The workshops attracted participation from a range of government departments and regulators, keen on exploring new ways to achieve public benefit.

The third workshop was organised with the Australian Industry Group in Sydney and focussed on the business benefits of conformity assessment. Examples of benefits were shared with participants through independent academic research and case studies from economies including Japan, Taiwan and the UK.

www.publicsectorassurance.org was seen as a significant tool for the public sector to understand the role accreditation and certification can play in delivering public policy objectives. The development of a new sister website exposing the benefits of conformity assessment to business gained strong support.

The workshops were presented by a team from IAF and ILAC, IAF/ILAC Communications Committee Chair Jon Murthy (UKAS), IAF Communications Committee Deputy Chair Marcus Long (IIOC), APLAC Public Information Committee Chair Tadako Yamamoto (IAJapan) and APLAC Training Committee Chair Wanji Yang (TAF) along with JAS-ANZ’s James Galloway and Kylie Sheehan.

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