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IIOC standards development involvement

IIOC puts considerable effort into supporting the development and revision of standards that its members both certify to and maintain the robustness of the certification process. Through the audit and certification of hundreds of thousands of organisations across the global, IIOC has a clear view of the needs of customers. This brings strong insight to the process of standards-development.

This week IIOC is part of the ISO Technical Committee revising the leading energy management standard ISO 50001. This standard has already delivered significant energy efficiency benefits to many organisations who have both implemented and been certified to it. Illustrations of these successes and further explanation of the standard can be seen in this ISO publication.

The ISO CASCO standards are the standards that define how various parts of the conformity assessment system are carried out. For example, how certification bodies carry out certification for management systems is defined in ISO/IEC 17021-1. In turn, this is strengthened by ISO/IEC 17011 defining how accreditation bodies Рsuch as the IAF members Рaccredit these very certification bodies.

ISO CASCO are now working on a new standard to their suite of standards, concerning Validation and Verification. As ISO state, ‘This International Standard will provide a set of generic requirements to be fulfilled by bodies that undertake validation and verification activities in any sector. By standardizing these requirements validation and verification will be undertaken in a more consistent manner and reduce the extent to which duplicate or contrary requirements must be fulfilled, especially by organizations that provide validation and verification services to more than one sector.’

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