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Insurance and conformity assessment working together

Standards, conformity assessment, accreditation and insurance have a natural affinity: insurance looks to manage risk and standards, etc. provide a range of tools to do so. These ideas are explored in the ISO booklet An opportunity for collaboration – Standards, conformity assessment and accreditation.

This publication is a follow-up to the November 2016 ISO event, Supporting the reduction of insurance losses – The role of standards. The event brought together people from both industries to share their experiences, with the aim of exploring ways in which these two groups can work closer together.

Illustrations of this partnership from around the world were shared:

  • an Italian insurer who offered premium reductions for companies certified to the Health & Safety standard OHSAS 18001
  • a UK broker who has worked with the UK’s National Accreditation Body UKAS to develop a scheme using accreditation to help manage risks of those working with asbestos
  • a Japanese insurer teaming up with the Japanese Government to promote increased use of the Business Continuity Standard (ISO 22301) in earthquake-prone Japan.

The publication of this booklet looks to widen the understanding of the role of standards, conformity assessment and accreditation in managing risk, and that these tools can be used to assist the insurance sector.

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