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Positive growth in accredited management system certificates globally

The annual ISO survey of accredited management system certificates shows both positive, and in some instances, very strong growth, in the leading standards.

Highlights include the number certificates for the world’s most popular standard ISO 9001 increasing by 7% to 1.1 million. The world’s second most popular standard, the environmental standard, ISO 14001, increased by 8% to 346,000.

Other of the more established standards such as the Information Security Management standard ISO 27001 showed strong growth, increasing 21% to 33,000 and the automotive standard ISO/TS 16949 growing to over 67,000, up 7%.

Some of the newer standards, although at lower numbers showed dramatic growth: the energy management standard ISO 50001 grew 58% to 20,000 and the Information Technology Service Management standard ISO 20000-1 grew by 63% to 4, 500.

Further detailed information can be seen on the ISO website.

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