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Munich-headquartered TÜV SÜD provides certification of management systems including quality; environment; occupational safety management certification; automotive; IT; health; food safety; and animal feed traceability. TÜV SÜD’s certified experts and technical consultants provide world-class services throughout their clients’ value chains, focusing on consulting, testing, certification and training. More than 22,000 TÜV SÜD staff operate from 600-plus TÜV SÜD sites in Europe, America and Asia.

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New CEO of TÜV SÜD Japan
March 1st, 2017
Dieter Eckert has been appointed as President and CEO of TÜV SÜD Japan and will start from March 1st, 2017. Dr. Andreas Stange, the former President and CEO, will take over the global responsibility for the Invitro Diagnostics Business line within our Medical and Health Services (MHS) and will also oversee several global business development activities in the MHS department. He will work out of the Kansai office of TÜV SÜD Japan.

February 27th, 2017
The market for wearables such as smartwatches and activity trackers is booming. The global information and communications technology (ICT) enterprise HUAWEI opted for voluntary certification by TÜV SÜD to stand out from the competition and demonstrate the high quality of its new HUAWEI WATCH 2.

South Korea relies on TÜV SÜD’s impartial third-party services for exhaust-gas measurement
February 24th, 2017
In the future, emissions of EU vehicles to be exported to South Korea will be measured in TÜV SÜD’s testing laboratories. South Korea’s state measurement institute, K eco (Korean Environment Cooperation), and TÜV SÜD signed a cooperation agreement to this effect in Seoul last Friday. Under the cooperation agreement, TÜV SÜD is the partner of European OEMs for accessing this important Asian market. TÜV SÜD also supports K eco with the introduction of the WLTP and RDE (Real Driving Emission) exhaust gas standards.